Environmental Scottish Food Companies





The Scottish food and drink industry famously includes Barr, Johnnie walker, Tennents and Walkers shortbread. Scotland has some very interesting up and coming companies in the market though, and some of them are creating high quality products while promoting environmentalism. There are some really innovative solutions to environmental issues, and we have compiled some of the ones that are doing something really special.


Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company

Using only the sun (on Skye!), this business manages to extract the salt from sea water. The process yealds larger salt crystals than usual and is completely envirnomentally friendly. They are the first company to make sea salt on the Isle of Skye since the 1700s, and are makin great strides in the food business worldwide.



Cuttybridge Apple Juice

Based in the Scottish borders, this small company started by trying to break into the Cider industry. After failing to make a mark they moved into making apple juice, and have now become a very successful business. Also environmentally friendly, they are the producers of the first truly Scottish apple juice.



IQ Chocolate

Promoting healthy chocolate, this innovative company has found a way to add many essential minerals to their sweetener. Their chocolate, branded as a SuperFood, is sourced in Peru. They are becoming increasingly popular, making strides in the market quickly.



Gigha Halibut

Not only to this company promote sustainable fishing, they feed their fish with 100% organic fish trimmings. This is a great way to avoid supporting fish meal companies and also helps the Halibut that they fish to regenerate more efficiently. They also run their business entirely from wind power.



Insignia Technologies

This Lanarkshire based company has developed a progressive food packaging which has a pigment in it that will change colour if it is damaged, allowing the producer to remove the product from the line as early as possible.




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