About Wantems

What I’ve always loved most about Boston Chinatown restaurants is that there are always so many new choices to choose from. I am wow!’ed by the dishes again and again, I love the flavors, and, yes, I embrace my culinary addictions.

Thus was born the concept of Want’ems – the desire to take those flavors and mix them with the snack food experiences we already enjoyed and share them with friends.

Though Want’ems was born in Chinatown Boston, starting a food category one of our partners once called “Boston Asian”, we are truly proud to be Citizens of the World, to truly be food explorers. We will continue to bring great American Asian snacks to the market, because we know there are so many great possibilities for fusing American snack experiences with American Asian flavors.

Thank you for trying our Chips and our Dips. Enjoy and share with your friends! We know you will continue to Want’em.